We are fortunate to be able to offer SCECH hour credit for PLC session attendance that you will be able to apply towards your license renewals. I have described the criteria for earning the SCHECH hour credit below:

School Committee Meetings (This is the MDE SCECH criteria that applies to our PLC sessions) – The candidate must participate in ¾ of the scheduled PLC sessions, but they must attend at least six meetings/sessions. This means if you only have six meetings/sessions scheduled, you have to attend all six. We currently have 8 meetings/sessions scheduled, so you will need to attend 6 of those meetings/sessions to receive the SCECH credit. Twenty-Five SCECHs may be earned for a full school year. Partial credit is not allowed. Mixing and matching of committee meetings is not allowed. A maximum of 75 SCECHs in this activity in a five-year renewal period can be used toward certificate renewal. Only 25 SCECHs per school year are awarded. Original sign in/out sheets signed by a monitor and agendas for each meeting must be turned in at the end of the year with the participant verification forms.

Here is some additional information about the conversion that SB-CEU to SCECH credits:
New Administrative Rules that govern educator certificates were adopted May 18, 2012 by the legislature. These new administrative rules have eliminated the term “State Board Continuing Education Units” (SB-CEUs). In place of SB-CEU credits, educators will earn “state continuing education hours” and “clock hours” for renewal purposes. It is important to note that MDE has changed the requirement for SCECH hour accumulation from 180 SCECH hours to 150 SCECH hours, so we now have 30 less hours that we are required to accumulate. Thanks MDE!
I've also included this informative MDE document about certification and renewal requirements. The school psychologist information is on pages 12 and 13.