Thank you for your interest and attendance for our May 4, 2015 PLC for school psychologists, school social workers, and speech and language pathologists on the topic of Addressing the Impact of Language, Socioeconomics, Race, and Ethnicity in Special Education Eligibility.

This presentation provide the learner with an overview of disproportionality and bias through national and local data. as well as other contributing factors. Attendees received information on reducing bias through culturally responsive PBIS, utilizing MTSS, teacher-student relationships, understanding the impact of language and literacy. We engaged in a discipline specific group discussion around prevention and informed-practice.

The PowerPoint used to facilitate the PLC can be found here:

Thank you very much for your attendance to our PLC series during the 2014-2015 school year. We will be sending information about our PLC series for the 2015-2016 when that information becomes available. For more information about earning SCECH hour credit for the sessions you have attended, please see the Earning SCECH Credit page that can by found within the navigation menu to the left of this page.

See you next year!
Brian Lloyd