Writing Research, Interventions, and Strategies

November 18, 2014
This professional learning community provided an opportunity to dive a little bit deeper into the current literature and research surrounding early writing development. It also addressed evidence-based writing strategies and interventions. School Psychologists and Speech-Language Pathologists discussed these intervention strategies and collaborated to generate ways in which they may benefit students in Ingham County.

The handouts and materials from this presentation are provided below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Libby Vince

Libby Vince
Lori Haindl Torres
School Psychologist / MTSS Implementer
Speech-Language Pathologist

Presentation and informational video clip of Steve Graham (Writing Next):

Video by Steve Graham: "What Works in Teaching Writing"

Fillable Video Notes:

WritTEN EXPRESSION Diagnostic Problem Solving using General Outcome Measures and Curriculum-Based Measures

Identifying the Writing Error Domain (from Best Practices in School Psychology V, Volume 2, Chapter 25)

Qualifying and Quantifying Potential Problem Areas Table AND Six Plus One Writing Rubric

Writing Interventions & Evidence-based Strategies:

Steve Graham's Writing Next:Eleven Elements of Effective Adolescent Writing Instruction and Writing to Read

Additional Interventions and Strategies

Problem Solving for written expression guide: