Thank you for your interest in the March 28 PLC topic and materials! We had some good discussions around writing measurable behavior goals, and it was great seeing both school psychologists and school social workers collaborating on how and why to write behavioral goals in the schools.

I have included the PowerPoint that was used to guide the PLC here:

There were also handouts provided and references to helpful tools for measuring behavior and writing goals. I've provided the files that were used to generate the handout pages, and listed them in order of the page numbers of the handouts.
The first page of the handouts was a worksheet titled Operationally Defined Target Behavior.
Pg1 Operationally Defined Target Behavior Worksheet.doc
The second page of the handouts was generic frequency monitoring chart.
Pg2 FrequencyMonitoringChart.doc
The third page of the handouts was an ABC frequency monitoring chart.
Pg3 ABCMonitoringChart.doc
The fourth page of the handouts was a frequency monitoring chart coded for ASD eligibility criteria.
Pg4 ASDObservationTemplate.xls
The fifth page of the handouts was an example of a self monitoring intervention for talking out of turn.
Pg5 TalkingOutOfTurnIntervention.doc
The sixth page of the handouts was an excel graph that was used to chart behaviors per day.
Pg6 BehaviorsPerDay.xlsx
The seventh page of the handouts was an interval peer comparison template I use for time-on-task observations.
Pg7 ObservationTemplateWithChart.xls
The eighth page of the handouts was a downloaded interval recording self-monitoring intervention downloaded from
The ninth page of the handouts was a worksheet that could be used to demonstrate your knowledge of the process presented during the PLC on how to write measurable goals.
Pg9 Measureable Goal Case Study.docx

The presentation was recorded in video form, but a technical glitch caused sound not to be recorded 22 minutes into the PLC, so the video isn't usable.
One of our psychs (Nicole I think) discussed a device called MotivAider that they found very useful when using interval monitoring. Multiple members of the PLC praised the utility of the device as well. I've included the web site that could be used to purchase the device:

Thanks again for your interest in the March 28, 2013 topic: Writing Measurable Behavior Goals. I look forward to seeing you at our next PLC meeting scheduled for 8:30am on May 2nd, 2013!

Brian Lloyd, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Ingham Intermediate School District