Thank you for your interest in the May 2nd, 2013 School Psychologist PLC topic and materials! We had some good discussions around what to do when a student (or groups of students) do not respond to interventions. There were great discussions and problem-solving strategies shared by school psychologists during the PLC.
I have included the PowerPoint that was used to guide the PLC discussion here:

There were also handouts provided at the PLC designed to enhance discussion. I've provided the files that were used to generate the handout pages, and listed them in order of the page numbers of the handouts.

The first handout was a PDF printout of the interventions listed in a spring 2013 survey to Ingham MTSS coaches.
The second handout was a NASP article titled, "Response to Instruction in the Identification of Learning Disabilities: A Guide For School Teams" (2004) by Joseph F. Kovaleski, PhD, NCSP, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; & David P. Prasse, PhD, NCSP, Loyola University Chicago.
The third handout was an FAQ document authored in 2011 designed to supplement the IISD SLD Guidelines document.
The fourth and final handout was an example of the form used to track interventions, fidelity data, and progress monitoring data used in Williamston Community Schools.

Thanks again for your interest and attendance in the May 2nd, 2013 school psychologist PLC. Our next PLC is tentatively scheduled for October 1st, 2013 at 8:30am. The topic will cover Trauma and Intervention. The PLC will be intended for school psychologist and school social workers, and will be an all-day offering.

Brian Lloyd, Ed.S., NCSP
School Psychologist
Ingham Intermediate School District
(517) 525-7726